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If you are reading this you're hetero. There are about 10,000 Ben Burns' in the world, we're as common as The Herp... <
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RIP to the Port Adelaide player killed today in Vegas, I believe it was John McCarthy am just finding out now.

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notfondofasking said: Hello! We've haven't spoken in ages! How are you? x

I’m good thanks, and yourself?? Been very busy so haven’t been around much :) it’s really nice to know I was thought of!

Fucken aye, Olympics, Danny Boyle, you are, have always been, forever will be my hero.

Friggin aye, Black Caviar! That was well worth staying up for! AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE! neigh neigh neigh

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aww sweetheart! I’m hardly around anymore but for you to have still thought about me is really bloody lovely! I’m humbled and blushing ^_^ *high fives and hugs*

Hope you’re going well?!



Mabo | Starts Sunday, 10 June at 8.30pm, ABC1

Twenty years after the historic Mabo decision, the moving life story of Eddie and Bonita Mabo comes to the screen in a feature directed by Rachel Perkins (Bran Nue Day, First Australians) and written by Sue Smith (Bastard Boys, Brides of Christ).

Always was, always will be, Aboriginal Land.


3 June 1992 - 3 June 2012

Twenty years ago today the High court of Australia handed down the Mabo ruling, which overturned the idea that the land had been unoccupied when Europeans arrived. Tragic and embarassing to realise that it took 204 years to recognise that.



So the Mabo docudrama whatsit is going to finally be released on Sunday, which is Mabo Day, which means I am going to be having fucking horrible attacks of ~feelings~ all over the place and may finally have to learn how to make a gif. This will annoy you unless you know all about the fucking awesomeness that is Eddie Koiki Mabo and the incredible things that he and did! (Look, feelings starting already. Ugh.) To make a long story short, he overturned Terra Nullius and introduced Aboriginal title into Australian law. That sentence made no sense to most of you, so you should take this opportunity to enrich your day with knowledge!

Start here.


Mabo movie on tonight 8:30pm est… I recommend you watch it :)


Mabo movie on tonight 8:30pm est… I recommend you watch it :)

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If you’re not watching Mabo on ABC1 right now you should be

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Oi Aussies, you better be watching Mabo on abc1 right now!



AFL Live Game of the Year Edition Announced


AFL Live Game of the Year Edition will be released on 12 July, 2012 on PC, as well as the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii consoles.


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